Making Cognitive Connections

Technology training to help those
with cognitive challenges

Recognize these problems?

You frequently find yourself:

  • Being late or missing appointments
  • Losing notes, phone numbers, or lists
  • Forgetting to do tasks or take medications
  • Being too tired to get things done

Here's our solution!

Your smart device + the right apps + our resources:

  • Free online step-by-by app training
  • Organize Your Life … books
  • Articles about apps and organization strategies (free!)
  • The ManageMyFatigue app

The Making Cognitive Connections approach

What is the MCC approach?

Does this sound familiar?

“I bought a smartphone…
…I downloaded some apps…
…but it's not helping!”

It's just not enough to buy the device and grab some apps. You need to:

  • Pick the right apps
  • Learn to use their most important functions step by step
  • See how each app function relates to keeping your life organized
  • Make some “cognitive connections” between your app use and the other parts of your life

The MCC approach teaches the basic steps necessary to use a smart device. At the same time, it points out the cognitive skills needed to do each step. Focusing on the cognitive skills required to use the device—and then having users apply those same skills to their everyday lives—makes this approach practical, concrete, relevant, and transferable.

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Who does the MCC approach help?

Those with cognitive challenges

  • Get more organized
  • Feel more independent
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed

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The professionals who help them

  • Use our training materials to train clients
  • Assign clients our materials to review between sessions
  • Cognitive remediation techniques are built in

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The family members who love them

  • See your loved one become more autonomous
  • Reduce the need for constant reminders
  • Free up some of your own time

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