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Week Calendar HD training

Making cognitive connections

The Making Cognitive Connections approach teaches the fundamental technical skills necessary to operate a PDA/smartphone while simultaneously drawing a parallel to the cognitive skills that underlie the development of those technical skills.

How various cognitive skills are used in relation to the Week Calendar HD app

Cognitive skill Week Calendar HD feature/function Examples of how this skill applies to this app
Sequencing Week Cal Add Event screen Start with first field and move sequentially down the screen field-by-field.
Categorization; decision making Calendars button Select appropriate Calendar for the appointment from Week Cal screen.
Planning Alert field Plan an appropriate time for the alert to remind you about an event.
Relevant vs. irrelevant information Notes field Determine appropriate information to include in the Notes field.

Real-life scenarios

Focusing on the cognitive skills required to use the device and then applying those same cognitive skills to everyday life examples makes this approach practical, concrete, relevant, and transferable.

How cognitive skills utilized for the Week Calendar HD app are also used in real-life examples

Cognitive skills Week Calendar HD example Example of real-life parallel
Sequencing; planning Calendar alerts You are going out to dinner with friends and don’t want to be late.
Attention to detail; sequencing Repeat field You have a monthly support group meeting.
Notetaking; relevant vs. irrelevant information Notes field You attend a meeting and take notes associated with the meeting outcome.