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Week Calendar HD training

Creating a separate calendar

Week Calendar HD allows for multiple calendars (e.g., a work calendar, a personal calendar, etc.).

Create a new calendar

  1. Tap the Calendars icon (looks like a little calendar).
  2. Tap Edit.
  3. Scroll to and tap Add Calendar.
  4. Enter a name for the new calendar.
  5. Tap the desired color to select it to represent this calendar.
  6. Tap Done.


  • Create a separate personal or work-related calendar.

Create a new Week Calendar HD calendar

Add a new calendar: steps 1, 2, 3 and 6

Assigning a new event to a specific calendar

The Add Event screen’s Calendar field (referred to in the "Creating a One-Time Event" page) is used to assign the new appointment to a specific calendar.

Assign a new event to a specific calendar

  1. Tap the Calendar field in the Add Event Screen.
  2. Tap the desired calendar. Note a checkmark will appear next to the calendar selected.
  3. Tap Done.


  • Add a new event to your Week Calendar HD and assign it to the calendar you created above.

Assign a Week Calendar HD event to a particular calendar

Assign calendar: Steps 1 through 3

Showing/hiding calendars

Calendars can be visible or hidden. Calendars by default are visible. If a calendar is hidden, appointments associated with that calendar will not appear within the Week Calendar HD views. [Note: This feature can be confusing and can lead to scheduling issues.]

Show/hide calendars

  1. Tap the Calendars icon.
  2. Tap the calendar name to hide that calendar.
  3. Tap the calendar name again to show that calendar.


  • Hide one of the calendars in Week Calendar HD.
  • View the changes in the calendar views.
  • Show the calendar hidden above.

Show or hide calendars

Calendars screen: show or hide all calendars

Sharing calendars

Week Calendar HD does not have the ability to share calendars. However, if this is a desired feature, you can share a calendar via the iOS Calendars app. Once a calendar is shared via the Calendar app, any appointments entered into a shared calendar within Week Calendar HD will also be shared with others. This can be very useful when more than just one person is involved in planning events.

Share a calendar

  1. Open the iOS Calendar app.
  2. Tap the Calendars option.
  3. Tap the information icon (the letter "i" within a circle).
  4. Tap Add Person…
  5. Enter the desired e-mail or use the plus sign to access your contacts.
  6. Tap Add.
  7. Tap Done.


Problem: You would like to have a calendar with just your kids’ sporting events.

Solution: Create a new calendar called Kids Sports and assign all sporting activities to that calendar when entering new events.

Share a calendar via iOS Calendar

Sharing calendars: Steps 2 through 4