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Lists are like master lists of tasks/items. They can include tasks, projects and checklists. They are great to help organize and filter lots of tasks. Todo 7 includes several lists to help keep you organized and allows you to create your own lists. The default lists are:

  • All Tasks — Shows all tasks from all of your Todo lists.
  • Focus List — Shows only tasks that are overdue or due within a designated period of time. Focus lists really help to focus in on those tasks that are most important at the current time.
  • Starred Tasks — Shows only tasks that are marked with a star.
  • Inbox — Shows tasks that are not assigned to a specific list you created.

Default list options

Todo 7 default list options

Creating lists

Creating your own lists can be very helpful when you have lots of things going on. You can see all your tasks or you can tap on a list to view only the tasks associated with your list.

Create a list

  1. Tap the plus sign on the List side (left) of the screen.
  2. Enter the new list name.
  3. Tap Save.


  • Add a sample list that can be modified and deleted as you progress through this lesson.

Add lists icon

Todo 7 list screen with default and added lists

Editing lists

Edit a list

  1. Tap the information icon to the right of the list name.
  2. Tap the desired edit: Name, Color, Icon.
  3. Make the desired change.


  • Edit the sample list you entered previously.

Edit list options

Todo 7 edit list options: name, color, icon

Deleting Lists

To Delete a List

  1. Tap the desired List reference and slide from right to left.
  2. Tap Delete. Note you will not be asked to confirm the deletion and all items within the checklist will be deleted.


  • Delete the sample list you entered previously.


Problem: You have several tasks that are similar and would like to group them together.

Solution: Create a new list for those tasks.

Delete lists

Todo 7 tap and slide to delete list option