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Todo 7 training

Creating tasks

Todo 7 can be used to keep simple task lists of things you need to do or more complex lists of tasks. New tasks include a variety of field options, including the following:

  1. Title — the title of the task being created
  2. Notes — used to include relevant information about task
  3. End Date — the date the task should be completed
  4. Start Date — the date the task was assigned or started
  5. Repeat — provides a customizable repeat series for the task
  6. Time — the time to be reminded about the task
  7. Priority — includes high, medium, and low priority options
  8. Alerts — the date(s) and time(s) for reminders to alert you about the task
  9. List Assignment — provides the ability to assign a task to a specific list
  10. Tags — used to help organize and find tasks

Edit Task Screen

Todo 7 edit task screen used to enter task details.

Create a new task

  1. Tap the plus sign on the task (right) side of the screen.
  2. Verify/tap the Create Task icon (single checkmark) on the far left of the task options.
  3. Enter task name in New Task field.
  4. Tap Details to open the task details screen.
  5. Start with the first field and enter relevant information as you move down the screen from top to bottom. The fields we will focus on for this training are:
    • Title (e.g., Read smart device book)
    • Notes (e.g., pages 1-14)
    • Due Date (e.g., Feb 21)
    • Start Date (e.g., Feb 17)
    • Repeat — used to schedule recurring tasks (e.g., take out trash every Wednesday)
    • Priority
    • Time (e.g, 11:00 AM)
    • Priority (e.g., Med)
    • Alerts (e.g., 1 Alerts)
    • List — used to associate a task with a specific list (e.g., Homework)
  6. Tap Done to save the event.

Tap the task reference to view details of the task once it is entered.


Add the following tasks. Be sure to include information in all relevant fields.

  • Add a sample task that can be modified and deleted as you progress through this lesson.
  • Add a personal or work-related task.

Create task section

Todo 7 create section of task screen, including selecting the type of task being created.

Editing tasks

Todo 7 tasks can be edited when new information becomes available or task information changes.

Edit a task

  1. Tap the task to be edited.
  2. Tap the field(s) to be changed.
  3. Modify the information.
  4. Tap Done.


  • Edit at least one field of the sample task(s) you entered previously.

Select task for editing

Todo 7 selecting a task reference to open task for editing

Deleting tasks

There may come a time that you want to delete a list item (e.g., if you no longer need to do that task).

Delete a task

  1. Tap and slide the desired task from right to left.
  2. Tap Delete. Note you will not be asked to confirm the deletion.


  1. Tap the desired task to open it.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Task screen
  3. Tap Delete Task. Note you will not be asked to confirm the deletion.


  • Delete one of the sample tasks you entered previously.


Problem: I added a task but it doesn’t appear in the correct list.

Solution: Open the task details screen and change the List to which the task is assigned.

Delete task: Tap and slide option

Todo 7 tap and slide delete option

Delete task: Edit screen option

Todo 7 delete task via edit task screen