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Todo 7 training

Todo 7 task types

The Todo 7 app includes the ability to create the following:

  • Tasks — Tasks are individual tasks to be completed (e.g., take trash out)
  • Projects — Projects include a project name and subtasks with individual due dates (e.g., Project: Paint office; Task: decide on color; Task: prep room, etc.)
  • Checklist — Checklists include a checklist name and a quick list of tasks with no due dates (e.g., Costco: milk, chicken, apples, etc.)
  • Lists — Lists used to categorize like tasks/items (e.g., separate lists for phone calls, homework, and shopping)

The left side of the Todo 7 screen shows the lists available, while the right side of the screen shows the tasks.


Write down several personal or work-related examples of the following task types to get started.

  • Normal tasks
  • Projects and their corresponding subtasks
  • Checklists
  • Lists (categories)

Todo 7 task types

Todo 7 icons for Task, Project, and Checklist

Todo 7 iPad screen

Main Todo 7 screen showing list column and task column