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VoCal Voice Reminder

Added By michellewild
Posted On2017-02-16
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Mobile Operating System (OS):  iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad
Price:  $0.99
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VoCal Voice Reminders in iTunes

App last updated November 2015.

Tags: calendars
Description: Remember everything, forget nothing with this voice ‘to-do’ list. Simply speak your personal memo, set the time and date, be reminded in your voice. No need to type text! VoCal fuses a Dictaphone, Calendar and Alarm system into one. Speaking is quicker and more accurate than typing and speech recognition can sometimes get it wrong. VoCal makes a personal memo quick, easy and naturally has no spelling mistakes! 1. Tap the record icon, record a reminder using your voice 2. Set time/date for the reminder to alert you 3. Tap save and close the app From everyday ‘to do’ lists, to repeating annual reminders. VoCal will prompt you for any task or duty in your life. Your alerts are delivered even when the app is closed! VoCal now includes a ‘snooze’ feature. Delay the job, but never forget it!
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