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to help adults with brain injuries
and other cognitive challenges


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Posted On2017-02-11
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Mobile Operating System (OS):  iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad
Price:  $4.99
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Plan your goals

Use templates or a step-by-step guide to create goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely -- SMART. Break your goal down into manageable tasks with due dates and set custom reminders to help keep you on track.

Monitor your goals and tasks

Work on tasks as reminders prompt you about upcoming due dates. Complete weekly check-ins to track your progress and note goal-related successes and challenges.

Evaluate your progress over time

Generate a Success Journal and a Challenges Journal based on weekly check-ins. Create comprehensive reports for one goal or all goals that can be shared via email with clinicians or caregivers.

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Description: ReachMyGoals helps you accomplish your objectives by having you set goals and tasks, monitor your progress by completing weekly check-ins, and generate goal-related reports.
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A good app
Posted in ReachMyGoals
A good app
Written By: ctakaesu
The RMG app helps you to take your goal and break it down into steps. It follows the SMART format, is...
Was this app used by a person with a disability?  Yes
What cognitive skills do you think this app helps?  Attention, Categorization, Cause & Effect, Decision Making, Memory, Mental Flexibility, Organization, Planning, Problem Solving, Processing Speed, Time Management
What population(s) will this app help?  Brain Injury, Stroke, ADD/ADHD, Cancer (chemo brain), Asperger's Syndrome, Autism
How specifically did the app help you/user?  I only recently started using the app; I just began to generate my goal...and I have to perform my tasks and see how it goes.
Do you use this app your your daily life?  Yes
How do you use this app in your everyday life?  I haven't used it enough.
Mobile OS  iPhone/iPod Touch
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