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to help adults with brain injuries
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Brain Challenge

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Posted On2011-08-19
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Mobile Operating System (OS):  iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad
Price:  4.99
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Brain Challenge on iTunes

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Description: Brain Challenge HD is an engaging game that acts as a personal coach and an entertaining, easy solution for keeping your brain alert. It includes exercises in the following categories: Logic, Math, Memory, Visual, and Focus. Brain Challenge HD has a training room where you can practice exercises in specific categories and a daily test which includes exercises from all five categories. The app tracks your scores and provides an overall summary score, as well as performance scores on each of the five categories.
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Great Brain Game
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Brain Challenge HD (the iPad version) is a great game that keeps you on your toes! I try to do the Daily...
Was this app used by a person with a disability?  Yes
If yes, what specific group(s)?  TBI
What cognitive skills do you think this app helps?  Attention, Cause & Effect, Decision Making, Mental Flexibility, Organization
What population(s) will this app help?  Brain Injury, Stroke, Intellectual Disabilities (ID), ADD/ADHD, Cancer (chemo brain), General Population
Do you use this app your your daily life?  Yes
Mobile OS  iPad
Pros  Great graphics, a variety of games, games change so I don't get bored
Cons  It can be difficult
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