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Making Cognitive Connections—brought to you by ID 4 the Web

ID 4 the Web

ID 4 the Web is an organization devoted to creating instructional and learning materials; the "ID" stands for instructional design. Our current projects revolve around books and online video trainings that teach those with cognitive challenges how to use smartphones, iPads, and other devices as memory and cognitive prosthetic devices. Our Making Cognitive Connections approach helps users understand the cognitive skills behind the tasks while they learn to use the devices to make their work, home, and everyday lives more organized. These materials are in use in various schools, rehabilitation facilities, and VA hospitals around the country, and are also available for active duty military personnel through CAP, a program established by the Department of Defense.

Previous ID 4 the Web projects include books and training materials related to Web design and Web accessibility. Among these efforts were materials created for Apple, Adobe, and WOW (World Organization of Webmasters).

ID 4 the Web is composed of partners Michelle R. Wild and Jan Heck.

Michelle Ranae Wild
Partner, Author, Trainer

Michelle Wild is a professor at Coastline Community College and has taught in Coastline’s Acquired Brain Injury Program for over 25 years. She has authored Making Cognitive Connections workbooks on the use of Apple-based, Android-based, and Windows-based smart devices as cognitive prosthetics. She recently created a training series called Apps Quick Reference, offering training on various apps for both individuals with cognitive challenges and the professionals who work with them. She also established an app review site for those same groups, in hopes that the whole community can come together to help each other.

Most recently, she has been working on an app called ManageMyFatigue to help users self-regulate by adjusting task durations based on current energy levels in order to improve energy and optimize wellness.

Janet L. Heck
Partner, Author, Editor

Jan Heck is an instructional designer, a project coordinator/director, and a community college instructor (now retired), teaching and training in the areas of instructional design, learning theory, expert learning and study strategies, Web design and Web accessibility. She has been involved in several three-year federal grants (FIPSE) as co-director, coordinator, instructional designer, multimedia programmer, and Web designer. Her M.S. degree is in Instructional & Performance Technology from Boise State University.